Who We Are

Our Story began in 1994 when Dr. Wayne I. Kodama started a mobile practice to address the oral health epidemic that affects so many of our children in the Central Valley. In 1998, he established Healthy Smiles as a nonprofit, charitable foundation – one of the first stand-alone, pediatric mobile dental practices of its kind. Dr. Kodama dedicated himself to bettering our children’s dental health and we strive every day to match his determination and compassion by continuing to bring happier, healthier smiles. We are pleased to announce that his legacy will be carried on by his family and his close friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Alijani.

Our Mission at Healthy Smiles is to be more than what our name says. Our mission is to provide compassionate, consistent oral health care – and therefore better health outcomes – for chronically underserved children in the agricultural heartland of Central California.

Our Vision is to help create an oral health care delivery system that enables every child to have a healthy smile living free from pain. We envision our children experiencing better overall health and quality of life which lead to improved self-image and greater success in school and life.