We are local and multicultural experts in mobile dentistry. We are in a league of our own when it comes to providing quality oral health care for countless underserved children and can do so much more with additional funding. Dr. Don Simmons and Dr. Matthew Jendian of the American Humanics Department at California State University, Fresno recommend Healthy Smiles on their “Where to Give” list.

Click on the Ways to Give button and you will find several options to provide financial support. You can also help spread the word about who we are and what we do and to enlist others to climb on the “van wagon”  and raise awareness about the serious oral health epidemic our children face every day.

There is no cost for our services to the school, the child, or the parent.
In the case of uninsured children, 100 percent of treatment is funded by generous donors.

About 65 percent of our budget comes from third-party billing to state programs. The other 35 percent comes from the kind hearts of generous donors and grantors.

The first day the Healthy Smiles van comes to the school, your child is escorted from their classroom to the van for his or her exam. In the van, Leanne, our Site Manager, prepares them for their visit. The children watch movies or color with their friends while they wait for their exam, which takes 30 minutes. After their exams, the children are given a goody bag and escorted back to class.

If your child needs treatment, Leanne, our Site Manager, will explain what is needed and when they will come back for the work. The average appointment takes about 30 minutes. After school appointments and pick up times will be arranged ahead of time with you.

Our little patients are never forced into treatment. Our goal in every visit is to inform and empower the child to make the choice to get their teeth healthy. If they are frightened at any time during their visit, they are comforted and complimented on how far they were able to go, given their goody bag, and encouraged to think about getting their teeth fixed next time.

Every school and community has its own personality, program dynamics, and needs. To get more information about the services we offer and to strategize a plan for your school, contact our office at (559) 229-6437.